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A Message to Light Bringers - August 19, 2022 (with German translation)

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

[This week’s Message comes from Lady Master Portia—following is a transcript of the YouTube video below.]

COR: I’ve been thinking about how difficult it is for Starseed, who come from planets, in terms of soul origin—come from planets that are Just. That don’t have millions upon millions of people starving, or several million people subjected to the horrors of war at any one time. They don’t have lack. They don’t have people living in their cars.

They don’t have people shut out from jobs, or held at the border for a year or more in unsafe conditions.

All of these unjust situations, and those are only a few—they just don’t exist on other [higher dimensional] planets.

So Starseeds come here, and they have to deal with a lot that just does not make sense to them—it makes zero sense.

I speak with Lady Master Portia at times—keeper of the Violet Flame, Goddess of Justice and Opportunity.

I asked if she would speak to us today, because I feel like it’s just so difficult at times to make sense of what’s happening on this Earth.

And I know we love this Earth, whether we originally come from Her or not. Probably most of us come from elsewhere, in terms of soul origin.

And it’s just difficult, isn’t it, to see all these situations where you want things to be on keel, and you want there to be Peace and fulfillment. And you’re thinking, “Isn’t this the Sat Yuga? And where’s NESARA?”

And “What about all this Light pouring in? Shouldn’t things be OK?”

And people will email me, and ask me these questions—“How can we be in the fifth dimension, or How can we be moving into the fifth dimension, and yet there’s all of this madness going on?”

So let’s call in Lady Portia; let’s see if she will speak with us [about Divine Justice].

Let’s go into our breathing for a moment . . . breathing in through the nose with mouth closed . . . breathing out through the open mouth with sort of a “haaa” sound . . .

And we’ll call her forward—just a moment . . .

LADY MASTER PORTIA: Well, greetings, dear ones! We are quite honored to have this moment to speak with all you.

And we are aware of these inequalities that this dear one was just speaking of.

We are aware of how strange it is; how it feels as if the fifth dimension is very far away indeed some days! And this is understandable.

But all of us in the higher realms—and we are both in the higher realms and upon the Earth—we multilocate, as all of you do as well at times, without realizing it—but all of us are desiring very, very much that you come to understand that you didn’t come to this Earth for perfect outcomes in the same paradigm that you view the issues and the challenges, and what people call problems—which are generally of their own design.

So one might as well look at an issue, a problem, a challenge, and say, “No, that’s not a problem. It’s my design! It’s humanity’s design.

"We decided to learn in this particular way. Yes, it looks like a mess, we realize! But we’re not going to trouble ourselves about the actual form of that mess.

"We’re going to move into a space where we remember that we didn’t come here just to move things around outwardly, physically, and fix issues physically." Perfectly wonderful to help others. Look at this lovely garden—beautiful things can be built outwardly, certainly!

But in terms of the larger issues, dear ones, you came in to shift the vibration that created them to begin with.

That’s a bigger job, but it’s also the one that’s going to do it for you. The one that’s going to really work for you.

So in my capacity daily, working with the law, working with issues of Justice and working with issues requiring certain shifts and changes on this planet, and opening portals for that—

Not fixing everything, not rescuing you—you don’t require rescuing—but just helping to shift things a bit vibrationally to where all of you are capable of waking up a bit more.

And realizing you’re being assisted, and realizing your extreme and complete empowerment, which you haven’t claimed completely.

And you haven’t claimed them, all those beautiful gifts, because you’ve been thinking that “Isn’t NESARA going to happen? “What about my Star Nation families?

“How about the fact that I feel so disabled on this planet? Things are so strange! Things are never what I expect them to be.

“It’s just strange, feeling to be out of sorts. Feeling to not fit in.” And we understand this completely.

All of the Ascended Masters come from elsewhere.

They come from planets of Peace, and galaxies of Peace, and they came here not to feel discouraged any more than you did, but to feel empowered by the realization that even when one is in the physical—a beautiful gift; an astounding experience—no one could talk you out of it!—but even when one is in the physical, one still has the ability to shift vibrations.

This is not at all unusual. You do it all the time without realizing it!

Now take an issue that is difficult for you, dear ones, and put it into that transforming and Transmuting Violet Flame of Saint Germain. He is by my side as I speak.

And now put in your entire self—step into that [cool] Violet Flame.

If you’re not good at imaging, that’s all right. Stand up and take a step forward. Image that flame in front of you in that moment.

Or if you can’t do that, that’s all right. Just know that you are moving into it.

You can do this at any time!

Put whatever heaviness you are carrying now, dear ones—put that into that Flame, and say, “I command you to move to a higher level. Your vibration increases daily!

And you can do this with the issues that are plaguing you—on the Earth, and the issues that plague you personally.

Doesn’t matter what they are, how they began. Do what you can to come out of self-blame, self-criticism.

Release all that, dear ones! It’s not who you are. Who you are is pure Love. Who you are is Divinity Itself!

And call out to your Star Nation family. You know they are constantly with you—you know this! You visit with them so, so often! In your sleep state, you are reaching out to them. They are there for you.

You’re aboard the ships.

You’re doing so much, dear ones! You’re doing so much to assist the Earth. You’re doing so much to grow and to Ascend. You must give yourself beautiful credit for that.

And know how loved you are. You’re not left behind for an instant.

So use that Violet Flame, especially when you feel nothing else has worked—wonderful! Perfect!

That means you’re really moving up.

So all of us, we send much Love, dear ones! And I extend a special line of Light to your heart, that you will feel encouraged in these days, and allow yourself to come Home to Who you really are.


Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Eine Botschaft an die Lichtbringer – 19. August 2022

Die Führung dieser Woche von den Aufgestiegenen Meistern, den Galaktikern, den Erdelementen, den Feenältesten, den Engelslegionen, den Erzengeln und von anderen Göttlichen Wesenheiten, die als das Kollektiv bekannt sind:

[Die Botschaft dieser Woche kommt von Lady Master Portia – es folgt eine Abschrift des folgenden YouTube-Videos.]

COR: Ich habe darüber nachgedacht, wie schwierig es für Sternensaaten ist, die hinsichtlich ihrer Seelenherkunft von Planeten stammen, die gerecht sind.

Auf denen nicht Millionen und Abermillionen von Menschen hungern oder mehrere Millionen Menschen gleichzeitig den Schrecken des Krieges ausgesetzt sind.

Dort gibt es keinen Mangel. Dort gibt es keine Menschen, die in ihren Autos leben.

Es gibt keine Menschen, die von der Arbeit ausgeschlossen werden oder an der Grenze ein Jahr oder länger unter unsicheren Bedingungen festgehalten werden.

All diese ungerechten Situationen – und das sind nur einige wenige – gibt es auf anderen [höherdimensionalen] Planeten einfach nicht.

Die Sternensaaten kommen also hierher und müssen mit vielem fertig werden, das für sie einfach keinen Sinn ergibt – es ergibt überhaupt keinen Sinn.

Ich spreche gelegentlich mit Lady Master Portia, der Hüterin der Violetten Flamme, der Göttin der Gerechtigkeit und der Möglichkeiten.

Ich habe sie gebeten, heute zu uns zu sprechen, weil ich das Gefühl habe, dass es manchmal so schwierig ist, den Sinn des Geschehens auf dieser Erde zu verstehen.

Und ich weiß, dass wir diese Erde lieben, ob wir nun ursprünglich von ihr kommen oder nicht. Wahrscheinlich kommen die meisten von uns von woanders her, was die Herkunft der Seele angeht.

Und es ist schwierig, all diese Situationen zu sehen, in denen man sich wünscht, dass die Dinge in Ordnung sind, dass es Frieden und Erfüllung gibt. Und du denkst: „Ist das nicht das Sat Yuga? Und wo ist NESARA?“

Und „Was ist mit all dem Licht, das hereinströmt? Sollten die Dinge nicht in Ordnung sein?“

Und die Leute mailen mir und stellen mir diese Fragen: „Wie können wir in der fünften Dimension sein, oder wie können wir uns in die fünfte Dimension bewegen, und trotzdem geht dieser ganze Wahnsinn vor sich?“

Rufen wir also Lady Portia herbei; schauen wir, ob sie mit uns [über die göttliche Gerechtigkeit] sprechen wird.

Lasst uns für einen Moment in unsere Atmung gehen. … Einatmen durch die Nase mit geschlossenem Mund … Ausatmen durch den offenen Mund mit einer Art „haaa“-Laut …