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A Message to Light Bringers – August 17, 2023

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! This week our writer has some questions she would like to ask about the fires in the town of Lahaina in Hawai'i, and we are happy to assist. COR: My friends, today I need to ask you about Lahaina on the island of Maui, and the events that led up to the incineration of that beautiful coastal town, and the loss of so many homes and businesses, as well as human life and animal life. And many sacred sites, including burial sites of Indigenous chiefs, and artifacts and histories of the local Native people. Local officials are making excuses as to why the alarm sirens were not sounded immediately, why local emergency teams and law enforcement were not on the scene fast enough.

There were also highway exits blocked off, so that local people could not exit the area.

There are photos of a perfect circle of fire inside the town, and some trees that were seen as untouched, while others nearby were incinerated. Boats in the harbor caught fire, though they were afloat and not near the shore.

Many are talking about photos and videos that captured images of the beams from directed energy weapons being used on Lahaina, as they were used on the town of Paradise, California, among others. Many of us knew intuitively that this was the case, as soon as we heard how fast the fires spread, with extremely high winds spurring them on.

All of this was intentionally created, so we ask for your input and higher view. It is a particularly potent event, as Hawai’i is the last visible remnant of Lemuria, and Lahaina at the center of the area many consider to be the heart chakra of the Earth, as well as being the birthplace of Royal Hawaiian families. It has long had such a strong indigenous presence that’s a very conscious, very proud of its roots. The sacred sites should be preserved and treated as such. Many feel the powers that were are set on making that town an AI-controlled, “15-minute city” under totalitarian control.

The trauma suffered by so many, both animal and human, as well as the Earth, will be considered by the old power crowd to just be energetic fuel for their fast-dissolving matrix. Could you assist us please, in terms of how we view those tremendous losses? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give!

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, dear ones! We are as always, very pleased to assist. In this case, we would say that you are correct that this was a planned attack. One intentionally aimed to harm not only the indigenous of that area, and to debase all sacred sites, but also the energies instilled into the Earth in that place over centuries, by very high spiritual ritual and ceremony. It also aimed destroy the intentions of the Native people to treat the Earth as a beloved Grandmother, and to treat the Earth as an expression of Divinity, as they know themselves to be also. And so this is a very difficult and unwieldy moment, because you see the presence of all of that innocence and goodness in so many of the indigenous and their children, who were forced out of their homes and barely survived, and as you say, some did not survive on the physical level. It is to the credit of the Star Nations, that many, many more did not lose their lives to that conflagration. There was significant intervention there; please know that. It is also a testament to the strength of Mother Earth that She was able to at least partly subdue these falsely spurred on winds, and able to maintain Her integrity below the surface of where the fires were, so that new life will spring up as the old is released. You are aware that at times, fire represents a kind of alchemy. And this is not to say that there was not great evil enacted in Lahaina, or that it needed to burn up so that something better could come in its place. That is not so. Yet we would say, that there has long been an installing and an anchoring of darker energies in that part of the world, which in part does explain the well-anchored crime syndicates in the islands of Hawaii, and their goings-on. Despite the trauma it caused the local population, in the alchemy of that fire, much was released energetically that those criminal organizations were depending upon. These are energetic constructs that one can feel in places in many parts of the world. It may seem unbelievable, yet the soul groups of the Hawaiian Indigenous have been meeting in the higher realms and deciding that something had to change there.

Otherwise, the Light they have been anchoring into those islands and all the Earth would not fully take hold in the context of ongoing energetic conflict with the darker energies.

Now, regarding the crime syndicates and the corporate cooperation with those gangs of suited, high-flying persons who are using Hawaii as a port between East and West for their purposes—releasing the energies of these ones does not come as easily as one might think, because they are backed by dark powers which are happy to support criminal enterprises. International drug trafficking being one of them, of course, yet there are others. And so as you are looking at these terrible fires, and realizing that there were historical sacred sites, artwork, symbols, and archives in that area which are seemingly lost, as well as human life—keep in mind that when someone leaves the Earth, almost without exception, they have decided to take that particular exit point, and to return Home.

In reality there is no loss, because this Earth life is not fully who you are. It is not the real you, as they say.

It is also only a part of who you are, in terms of your etheric capabilities and your soul presence, which is the essence of your true self, beyond all Earth identities and all cultural identifications. Except to say, that some people are rather young souls, and others have been around and traveled the good red road toward higher consciousness and Ascension for quite a while, and are a bit more evolved. Now, many hearing or reading this will be highly evolved beings who will look at this situation with their empathic sense of caring and compassion, and they will agree that this was a great injustice. And we would say, none of this destruction really needs to happen. And yet, we choose to be patient with Earth’s path of transmuting that which can no longer be borne by a planet now moving into the fifth dimensional life.

No one would want to take any form of darkness with them into such a new and beautiful form of living! In this case, the soul groups of the Indigenous of Lahaina, including those ancestors whose bodies returned to the Earth in sacred burial sites, decided to create a very great ceremony.

They saw the timeline containing this horrible event, and took proactive decision to take advantage of what was aimed at them, to burn off in that alchemically potent time much of the energies that have existed in Hawaii over the last few centuries.

These were instilled by the “colonizing forces” that did not come in to “civilize” as they claimed, but to rob, destroy, program, and control. That destructive path stated that all land is something that one can buy or steal, and thereby “own.” Likewise, one could then own and enslave the Native peoples—or annihilate them, or humiliate them, pushing them off their ancestral lands. In this, they violated the land for their own dark purposes, and while removing Indigenous influence from that part of the world, which, of course, powerfully affects everything else on the planet. So-called colonizing efforts were also a clear agenda to rob humanity of its connections to Star Nations, as well to bring people to a place where they very robotically do as they are told, without question. What has been termed a “new world order” is actually the old one, and is ending now, though appearances seem to indicate otherwise. All of you and your powerful, Light-filled presences are seeing to the end of those false intentions. This desperate last attempt on the part of the old warlords and their overlords to destroy a powerful stronghold, and a centuries-old Indigenous presence will fail. What the dark machine has failed to realize is that very thing they despise still lives in people’s hearts and minds and souls, whatever may be removed outwardly.

And that whatever they do to the land, or to any Indigenous culture in the outer sense, these actions cannot be compared to the power of what the Indigenous person holds in their own heart-space. They will anchor Light into the land all the more now. We are seeing this daily. You see as well, widespread concern for the 150-year old banyan tree, held in people’s hearts as sacred for more than a century. Scientists have found in that being a beautiful symbol of rebirth, in that the roots of the tree are still alive, and hold living tissue. With dedicated care, if it chooses to remain, the tree and its many trunks may well be restored. We are assisting with that, as we are assisting those who have lost loved ones, and homes and businesses. Viewed on a soul level, those who lived in that area who have lost their homes and community will be redirected. And as they move to another area, they will be planting that same powerful Light into the Earth in that place. Do not doubt that Star Nations are intervening! Many of us are powerfully present there. We have not forsaken or forgotten anyone. For those who have lost loved ones, we would say this is a very difficult time, yet the alchemy of that inner fire will be used to re-create much that is in the consciousness and hearts of those who are suffering now. We are aware that this will seem not at all a comfort for those who are in grief. We do not take grief lightly, as it is a profound and very transforming experience, and can be difficult to move beyond.

Yet paradoxically, in loss there can be great renewal. There is the renewal of realizing that physical life is entirely ephemeral, except for that which belongs to the spirit. Be in energetic support of those in Lahaina who are still on the Earth, as they will be actively working now to fulfill the soul contracts they created, in which they are healing not only the land and and community, but also healing other parts of those islands, as well as land elsewhere. Now the attention of the world has been put on Hawai’i, and much love and compassion extended there, with increasing awareness as to the dark plan of how the area will be “redeveloped.” This consciousness and the Light it holds far outshines and outstretches any dark presence or intent!

And this too is a higher reason, for those needing one, for why such events have occurred.

You will recall that after the dark events of September 11th that so much Love, empathy, and compassion was expressed by the people of the world to those of the United States, that it lifted the vibration of the entire planet. None of these events are for naught, dear ones, though it may appear that way at times. In time, all reverts to the Light from which it came. The shock and trauma experienced during and after such events are never the full story. We assure you that your Star Nations families are hard at work at every hour, with many ships above the island of Maui, and many personnel of the Ashtar Command working to heal and assist, to help restore courage, inner balance, and normalcy, yet on a far higher level than it existed prior to this time. The waters reaching that coastal town are full of healing as well, despite the dark side’s attempts to kill off all ocean life, and to remove all the cetaceans. There is great Light being sent from the whale and dolphin families now that will only continue. They feel and see what is occurring, and they know their role to anchor great Light and higher vibrations, as the Angelic guardians of the seas. Recall as well that all of you came in to offer balance and renewal. And to restore courage even in the midst of great discouragement and grief. All of you are holding Light for those persons, places, homes, and histories seemingly lost; holding Light which assists greatly in the recovery of far more than what people feel is possible now. So be reassured, dear ones! The historical archives, the beautiful wood carvings of the elders, the Indigenous artifacts—all still exist in the etheric, and can be drawn forth from such.

All is not lost. Much is on the ships, and all of the etheric blueprints remain, for re-creation of these. The Ashtar Command is more involved now in human life, not less. Their interventions are increasing, particularly due to the planned installation of the AI-controlled cities.

You have decided, the Light Bearer soul groups now on the Earth, that these plans will not succeed. Know that even though in these times when extreme events occur, this is due to the depths of your own soul commitments and soul requirements, that the profound darkness that took over the planet for thousands of years now be brought up to the surface, and released. And the heart chakra of your planet is still utterly in place, friends!

There is no destruction there, no loss. How could there be, with all of you holding so much Light in your own hearts and souls? You yourselves hold the capacity for so much Joy! We can only assist as you request our help. And so in these moments when you ask questions, we flow energies and insights to sustain your outlook and your spirit. And to reassure you that somehow, even in the midst of seemingly terrible events, in that place in which your soul and its beautiful power resides, all still have full power and presence, and astounding co-Creative capabilities.

As you are building a New Earth, please allow these Transformative and Transmuting moments. For this you came. All Is Well! Namaste, friends who are family! You are never forgotten, nor left behind. And we are with you, always.

Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2023

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Maui Fires 💜 Lahaina 💜 Sternen Nationen, Sternen Saaten und Ahnenheilung

[Anmerkung zur Übersetzung: Das Video ist in englischer Sprache … so kannst du die Untertitelsprache auswählen: Klicke unten auf dem Videobildschirm auf das Symbol Einstellungen / Zahnrad. Klicke auf Untertitel / Englisch automatisch erzeugt. Dann öffnet sich erneut das Feld Untertitel / Klicke auf Automatisch übersetzen. Wähle die gewünschte Sprache aus.]

Maui Fires 💜 Lahaina 💜 Sternennationen, Sternensaaten und Ahnenheilung

Mächtige Alchemie und Heilung – ETs und indigene Seelengruppen schicken Licht und andere Hilfe nach Lahaina.

Caroline Oceana Ryan von Ascension Times channelt diese Botschaft des Kollektivs zu den Bränden auf Maui, die einen Großteil der Küstenstadt Lahaina zerstört haben.

Die schriftliche Abschrift dieses Channelns findest du unter:

Lichtarbeiter/innen, Sternensamen und alle Lichtbringer/innen erhalten intuitive Botschaften, dass eine große Ahnenheilung stattfindet – für das Land, die Erde, die indigenen Ureinwohner/innen Hawaiis und alle Menschen.

Wir erhalten Hilfe von den Sternennationen – ET-Intervention und Unterstützung durch das Ashtar-Kommando und die Galaktische Föderation.

Obwohl die Brände viele traumatisiert haben, fließen heilende Energien zu ihnen, während eine große Alchemie der Reinigung stattfindet, um das Land und seine Menschen von den dunklen Kräften zu befreien, die die hawaiianischen Inseln lange ausgebeutet haben.

Ihre Zeit ist vorbei.

Das Licht hat gesiegt.

[Translation by Nicky Hamid]

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