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Many identify with the mental/emotional burdens they carry, and feel defined by painful memories and associations.

In this beautiful journey, you will meet higher beings who will work with the energy imprints of your painful experiences from this and other lives.

Working with your soul and higher self, they will transmute the effects of those experiences into the Light of wisdom, peace, understanding, and empowerment.

Release the energies of the unnecessary weight you have carried in this and other lives—physical, mental, emotional, or etheric—and find new freedom in the Light of this meditation.

Music (“Ever-Unfolding Expansion”) by Thaddeus, channeled by Sanaya Roman of Used by permission.

Transmuting Painful Experiences into Peace and Wisdom
Length: 15 minutes
Guided Meditation – MP3 Download – US$11.00

Transmuting Painful Experiences into Peace and Wisdom

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