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Receive a clearer, more definite sense of self, knowing where your energies end, and other people’s energies begin.

Experience yourself in your crystalline Lightbody, filled with luminescent healing energies, as you get clear on how the energies of people, places, and situations affect you and how to remain objective around them.

In this meditatin, your higher self will work with your heart-mind to increase your sense of self-love and empowerment at your core.

You can stay in your true center, remaining centered and calm in any situation.

Release negative attachments and patterns, and resonate with the Light of your soul.

Music (“Ever-Unfolding Expansion”) by Thaddeus, channeled by Sanaya Roman of Used by permission.

Staying in Your Center – Creating Clear Boundaries
Length: 15 minutes
Guided Meditation – MP3 Download – US$11.00

Staying in Your Center: Creating Clear Boundaries

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