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Release the struggles you have experienced with the parts of your life that haven’t responded to other spiritual methods and clearings.

In this transformational journey, you’ll travel with the Collective and your support team of guides, Angels,  and higher self into the higher realms.

You’ll meet with your soul to absorb the wisdom, learning, and growth you were meant to gain from having challenges in this area.

You will work with your higher self to:

  • Revise your life blueprint to draw Wisdom from difficult circumstances

  • Release and dissolve all contracts binding you to them   

  • Release future struggles or obstacles in these areas

  • Open to feeling empowered and victorious in that part of your life

Music (“Ever-Unfolding Expansion”) by Thaddeus, channeled by Sanaya Roman of Used by permission.

5D01A – Revising Your Life Blueprint
Individual Guided Meditation – MP3 Download

Revising Your Life Blueprint

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