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Meet your soul group—those who most Love and understand you on a soul level, who are always working to support you in your Earth mission.

This your true family, in the deepest sense!

Experience their presence, Love, and support for you, as you:

  • Receive the energies that reveal your and your soul family’s mission on the Earth

  • Receive energies from higher guides that help you recognize and connect with others in your soul group in your daily life

  • Connect energetically with other these Lightworkers whose passions, interests, and life purposes blend with your own

  • Release emotional attachments to relationships that have run their course

  • Open to accepting new relationships that are joyful and positive

You’ll also meet and speak with your Twin Flame, experiencing their loving presence and connecting with them in an open, conscious way. 

Music (“River of Love”) by Thaddeus, an Angelic Being channeled by Sanaya Roman of

5D04 – Meeting Your Soul Family and Twin Flame
Individual Guided Meditation – MP3 Download

Meeting Your Soul Family and Twin Flame

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