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In this journey, the Collective assist you in accepting that Abundance is a natural part of your life, and that prosperity is part of living fully, healthfully, and joyfully.

The Collective and your Spirit team will work with you energetically as you:

  • Connect with higher guides who will assist you in opening to Receive more
  • Release the vibration of settling for "just enough to get by"
  • Open to accept Abundance in many more ways than you have in the past
  • Connect with the smaller self who is fearful of complete Abundance, working with them to expand their ability to Receive
  • Release unconscious blockages, such as the feeling that if you are fully Abundant, others will disapprove or feel resentful, or that Abundance is "too worldly," or deprives others in some way
  • Hold the density of your old beliefs and energy patterns in higher Light, to shift your Abundance vibration to a whole higher level  

Demonstrating Abundance as Part of Your Spiritual Path
MP3 Format - $11.00

Demonstrating Abundance as Part of Your Spiritual Path

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