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You are far more than the sum of your life experiences!

Travel into the higher realms to where your soul resides, and experience its power and courage, giving it any situation you haven’t been able to solve or understand.

Receive a message from your soul about this situation or your life path as a whole.

Absorb your soul’s Wisdom, Love, and encouragement, so that powerful changes can occur in your life from the inside out.

Open to receiving energies that awaken your siddhis, such as telepathy, manifestation, transmutation, lucid dreaming, and higher dimensional sight.

Music (“Ascent to Heaven”) by Thaddeus, channeled by Sanaya Roman of Used by permission.

Aligning With Your Soul’s Power
Length: 16 minutes
Guided Meditation – MP3 Download – US$11.00

Aligning With Your Soul’s Power: Releasing the Power of Your Soul Into Your Ev

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