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A Message to Lightworkers - June 18, 2021

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today.

COR: Greetings, Saint Germain! Thank you for speaking with me again today.

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, dear one.

We are again discussing today the progress of NESARA, and the turn of things in the world?

COR: Yes, please. I am curious to know what the average person can do to encourage and help NESARA reach full enactment.

SAINT GERMAIN: You have [all] indeed come in for this very work!

COR: I thought you would say, “This is out of your hands entirely.”

Most of us feel that way—that there are powerful people making these decisions and going through the necessary actions, and that all we can do is “hope and pray” it will all happen as soon as possible.

SAINT GERMAIN: Not at all!

Why would you be here, except to participate, as well as to witness this new beginning? A colossal renewal of unprecedented scale. This is indeed a powerful turning you are witnessing.

No less powerful than those who have witnessed the establishing of new democracies at different times and in different places upon the Earth.

Yet more so, as once implemented, this new beginning will spread throughout the entire planet.

COR: There are some who make the mistake of thinking that the US holds the patent on democracy.

SAINT GERMAIN: When in fact the country has much to learn on that score!

Yet you are approaching a complete renewal.

COR: Would you tell us what you envisioned, as you helped the Founders in Philadelphia in 1776?

Many say you were present with them— that they hesitated to sign and finalize the Declaration, but that you encouraged them to continue. Maybe there is a particular vision or vibration you were holding that we could hold now, for creation of real freedom, and not an illusion of it?

SAINT GERMAIN: Many of you are already doing such.

The vision was held vibrationally, yes, and it must be held and expressed from the high heart.

It was an image of what I and many others have witnessed on other planets, and at other times on this planet.

The great civilizations—what you call the “super civilizations” of thousands of years ago, which long ago went underground into Inner Earth, or suffered utter annihilation, or fled to other planets—these are the societies upon which this vision is based, in terms of how human beings express them.

COR: Would you describe this for us?

SAINT GERMAIN: You begin with your own energies, friends and colleagues—and you are all such!

You begin with considering yourself to be a strong and clear-minded, clear-hearted, responsible part of your culture.

A person of distinction, as one might have once termed it, in the sense that you know the power and importance of your own vibration. You grasp the power of your presence and your energetic influence amongst the masses, while living as part of them.

You do not begin with looking for a “savior” amongst your political representatives, most of whom, as you know, represent either purely their own interests or that of the elite and their industries.

You begin with walking down the street, or attending your work day, choosing your meals, speaking with loved ones or those unknown to you, as one who is equality-minded, fair, calm, open to discussion. A respecter of all persons, regardless of that person’s place of origin, appearance, ideas.

Regardless of social, personal, or political orientation.

You begin, one might say, by establishing Peace and Sovereignty within.

From there, one may eventually conquer all injustices by considering them null and void, as your vibration will not tolerate them in your outer experience. In time, they will all vanish, without struggle or loud dissent on your part.

They will fade and cease to impress you, till they are entirely gone. COR: It is difficult to live amongst the injustices we see around us now, master Saint Germain, and consider it possible to hold so high a vibration that either they or we fade out of that reality altogether!

SAINT GERMAIN: Most assuredly, you have both been given and actively chosen a great form of ascent in this particular incarnation.

And yet, you are distinguished less by your own outer efforts than by a quiet yet definite inner choosing. Such as, “I shall hold and reflect the brilliance of the Light reaching the planet now! “I shall allow that to be my predominant theme, rather than reaction to what I see happening in the world.”

You may also proclaim: “I shall relate to our Lady Gaia on the most sacred of terms, both revering and enjoying Her beauty and Her restorative powers—Her power to heal and to sustain. “I shall consider that Presence to be a touchstone that gives back to me over and over, while I lift my focus from the dire news reports, and cast clear intent into that which goes beyond human impulse, and the actions of those still claiming to be in power, but that which characterizes the best and highest within all of us.” Or you may simply proclaim: “I shall laugh more, give thanks more, and consider that all resistance to our freedom is now vanquished in that perfect Light that now pours through every human heart.”

Do you follow, that your true foes are almost never in outer form?

That they are, for the most part, not those who pull the levers of fear via mental control and influence, or physical malaise.

We speak of the unintended willingness of many millions to respond to that behavior, that very old bag of tricks, in ways that lower their vibration and breed feelings of helplessness. COR: Are we are own worst enemy, sir—is this what you are saying? Or is it “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”?

SAINT GERMAIN: Most assuredly, fear is a great enemy, if one need call anything such.

We wish to point out, all of us working now for that sovereignty that humanity is increasingly claiming, that the automated responses, as we might call them, of hypnotized masses of people, does the work itself.

No one has any power over you until you grant them such, including those who put innocent people in cages. The reason so much of humanity is unhappy is not due to that or other savage behavior. It is due to human resistance to such, as if that were your true reality, when it is not.

COR: What is our reality, in that case, while many are indeed in cages, and so many are awaiting NESARA’s enactment?

SAINT GERMAIN: Your reality is such that you are deciding it even as we speak.

With your inner expectations, and your interpreting of outer events, you are deciding how much power they have over you.

So that as you think of NESARA, you may rest joyfully in the knowledge that you already carry its principles in your heart.

That, and in your own joyful imaginings, is where its enactment begins, and not with someone’s outer action.

That is just the kind of person you are, as they say—not only optimistic, but well-informed!

Informed on how things are created in this Universe.

And they begin with not a trouble-free existence, but a lack of anger and resistance to whatever troubles you and others experience.

A quiet acceptance of What Is, with the inner knowing that none of that has any real power over you.

Your own spirit is then the deciding factor in all situations, as you decide how you shall process whatever is occurring in your own life or out in the world.

In that moment, you release the need to react from survival instinct, which is where you have been trained and held vibrationally for thousands of years.

And you reach forward to claim that which has always been yours.

In days of old, many were persecuted for such actions, as some still are, yet the old order’s resistance to this increasing powerful tide of self-proclaimed sovereignty is increasingly ineffective.

You are claiming now your ability to decide your own Truth, over the mind-training efforts of your former enslavers.

From there, your vision is as mine was those two and a half centuries ago in Philadelphia!

A vision of a land of plenty where all persons live in Peace.

Of higher technologies shared from nonterrestrial friends and those of such a high vibration—the Angels of the higher reaches, the elemental peoples of the Earth—that they are not always seen, yet their presence felt and acknowledged.

Technologies that heal, and create real sustenance—not that which is called “food” yet which has been tampered with genetically and processed till it is no longer food.

A vision of reverence for the Earth. Of clean air and water, pure soil free of all unnatural chemicals. A complete respect for Earth and Her peoples—all of them! Carry this in your heart, dear ones—carry it everywhere, and instill it powerfully in your homes, your conversation, your emotional expectation. Know it is real, and experience it as such!

COR: You prefer us to carry the spirit of NESARA everywhere, so that in time, it must manifest, as so many people are holding that as their reality.

SAINT GERMAIN: The process toward enactment is already well under way, and yet, yes—that process is sped along by such encouragement! Stay in Peace, friends, fellow travelers on this road to Sovereignty, fellow citizens of Earth, of the cosmos.

All is Well, and one’s vibration can only rise further from here. Namaste! COR: Namaste, master—we thank you! SAINT GERMAIN: As always, we remain utterly in your service, dear ones.

Note from the Channeler: Saint Germain’s words brought to mind the last stanza of the powerful poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley, “The Mask of Anarchy”:

Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number— Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you— Ye are many — they are few.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

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