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A Message to Lightworkers – June 10, 2021

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today.

Today we share again from our book Earth Life Challenges: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Trauma and Life Changes.

This is from Chapter 21 – “On Calling Upon the Higher Realms for Help,” and it answers a question sent us from a Light Bringer:

QUESTION: Daily I am assaulted by the cruelty of humanity. Children caged, pollution, injustice, extrajudicial killings. It does not seem to get better; it seems to get worse. You could say that the news just makes it seem worse, but get real.

Mass shootings are a new phenomenon. Bribery [of those in power] is at its highest level ever, and totally blatant. More pollution than ever . . .

While the two [political] sides [of Left and Right] argue, our planet is being destroyed by pollution. I don’t think we can wait much longer for help. We need help now.

We are enslaved, so long as we can’t even figure out what is true. It’s obvious things are getting much worse, not better, as far as our destroying the ecosystem.

If we ask for help, can you please help us wake up? We need to be freed. We are enchained. Help us, please.

What can we do to get more help for our Mother Gaia?

THE COLLECTIVE: We are utterly aware of Earth’s current status, both as you describe it and as we ourselves view it, as there are considerable differences there.

We also fully understand your feeling that you have only so much time to work things out, before irreparable damage is done to Lady Gaia.

Regarding our sending help to Earth and Her people, it may be interesting for you to know that we have been assisting you for many thousands of years—as Galactic family members, as higher dimensional nonphysical entities, as energy forms and intentions, and other etheric “forms.”

Though Earth is a free will planet, you have never been abandoned, nor will you be.

Disaster in one form or another has been averted numerous times, and will continue to be, as needed. This includes the slower effects of toxic radiation and other forms of pollution in air, water, soil, crops, and other areas of Earth’s body, as well as our stopping nuclear warheads from deploying, or rerouting those that have been deployed and overseeing their controlled detonation well out into space, where they will harm no one. We understand your concern and unhappiness at all that the Earth and her people have suffered. Yet understand that your free will on this planet has already been usurped, by invaders who came thousands of years ago to occupy and rule your planet in unjust and highly imbalanced terms.

We would be only a bit higher in our intentions, if we suddenly “flew down and rescued humanity” as they say.

You would then view us as your overlords, looking to us for solutions and even permission to live your lives and run your communities in certain ways.

This would not be an improvement—you have seen how some believe themselves to be following a higher path, and then, once they have amassed a following, fall into ego and express a far lower intention than they began with.

Your free will is a thing to be fully respected and honored by us, and by all in this Universe. And your innate power—your sovereignty, your growing consciousness, and your ability to save yourselves—is a thing for you all to become fully aware of, to grab by the horns, and to fully enact. We cannot do this for you—that would defeat the entire purpose behind your Ascension! Nor would we attempt to do so.

We are watching, at this time, an Awakening on the planet such as only dreamt of by earlier generations of poets, sages, and spiritual seekers.

We cannot agree that most in the spiritual community as you term it are followers of dark entities (and false life forms) posing as human beings, nor can we agree that all young people have caught on to what certain political figures are intending.

Understand that you live in a world in which human beings have long been subject to so many forms of humiliation, degradation, overt mind control and subtle mental programming, desperation carefully manufactured from consciously created economic and politic situations (including in some cases, political revolutions that only reinstated the elite in a slightly different way), that you have a hard time believing that all these lies, illusions, and hypnosis could ever produce even one independent human thought.

And indeed, they are not producing that.

The independent thought—the Awakening—we are seeing now has nothing to do with the old way of thinking or feeling about life on Earth.

It has everything to do with growing a consciousness sprung from the soul level, from experiencing and aspiring to the reality enjoyed in the higher realms.

And from the co-Creative essence of your own spirits, as they reach higher in the empowering energies now coming to Earth.

If it were any other era—the era before the one you have just entered, in other words (the Kali Yuga), which was a era of destruction—we might agree with you that consciousness was low all round, even amongst most of the spiritually aware.

But as you have now entered the Satya Yuga—a time of Enlightenment, Peace, Prosperity, and Justice—we do not see Earth as headed for disaster in a short amount of time, and that She and you all require rescuing.

All of what you name—the cruelty, violence, corruption—is coming into the Light now, and being shown for what it truly is: a violation of human spirit and human sovereignty.

Those at the head of these schemes are even now, in some cases, facing courts of Divine Justice on Earth, in space, and on other planets.

They are not escaping simply by jumping into underground hideouts or leaping aboard a spacecraft. We are aware of where they are, and when and how they will be brought to face their crimes and answer for them.

Some of the shadow realm are coming into the Light now, by their own free will, and that is how it should be.

The idea of forcing situations or people has had its day, and will not be permitted to continue.

Now, did we decide all of that? No—all of you did. Planet Earth, and the majority of Her people, on a higher level and now on an increasingly Earthly level of consciousness. And that is as it should be. And so, we would say, watch or read very little of news reports and channeled material that do not give you a fuller picture.

They are reporting the dense and the painful because a negative slant on your world is how the now defunct old regime kept your consciousness low, and expecting disaster at any moment. Fear was always one of their most useful forms of enslavement.

But those days have been ending for a while now, and will continue to fade.

There are news reports that have been finding their way to seeking actual truth, in the sense of establishing what Justice is, and what it means to humankind, and how it may be established as the norm, not the exception. Yet we would caution you to not take in too much of it.

These are by and large situations over which you have no immediate control. Yet you have powerful influence.

Hold a concentration of Love and higher Light for Earth and all Her beings each day, and give thanks for the freedom and sovereignty of both planet and living beings.

That is by far a million times more positive, healing, and life-building than watching the news or discussing it with someone, and feeling your energy sink lower as a result.

Consider that you are, with your Light Being presence on the Earth right now, a healer of the highest order, and that you must keep your thoughts on a high frequency so as to anchor and activate more fully that which you came here to introduce—the Light that heals, frees, and celebrates humanity at every moment.

We celebrate your sensitivity, your insight, and the beauty of your very deep compassion.

We would merely say, “Allow yourself any Joy you can possibly find. Go look for it, and celebrate all that you can, giving thanks throughout the day.”

That will elevate your planet and humanity in ways that we of the higher realms could once have only dreamt of for your beautiful Earth . . .

Excerpted from Earth Life Challenges, available at

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

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