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A Message to Lightworkers - July 30, 2021

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective

Today we answer a question from a Light Bringer who asks:

"How do you reconcile the sudden knowledge that you are a multidimensional being who not only has had several lifetimes as an Earthling, but who has suddenly remembered their star family origin?

"How do you merge a deep love for Earth with a longing to go home?"

Greetings, friends! We are very glad to have this time to speak with you today, and to address this vital issue that so many are dealing with now.

For one, you did not come here to feel entirely at home on the Earth.

Those of you whose soul connections will always beckon you back to the planet or star system you come from, came here to assist Earth and Her people at this very difficult yet intriguing and transformative moment for Earth and for this galaxy.

You came to hold certain frequencies of Light that would help awaken Earth’s people, assisting them in increasing their awareness and vibration to where they would never again return to the slave state humanity has endured for millennia.

You are not alone in this; you are always assisted by your home culture and soul family. There are many thousands, even millions of off-world cultures and races of beings who have been either incarnating upon the Earth or assisting from without, to the degree permitted by Universal Law. They too came forward to assist at this time, and are not without their moments of sadness and feelings of isolation, if not outright regret at having made the decision to incarnate in human form.

Now, you speak of a deep Love for planet Earth, and that is understandable, as you have formed very real and soulful connections to loved ones here, as well as a deep appreciation and Love for Earth’s plants and animals, Her oceans and mountains, open plains and wide expanses.

She is indeed a magnificent planet—a singular one in many respects—and your appreciation of Her supports all life upon Her, and encourages Her to continue to maintain as much calm balance in Her life systems as possible.

What is difficult is that in your internal makeup, you are “not from here,” as they say, and will always feel the tug of home in your heart-space.

That feeling is there not to make you feel unhappy or ill-suited to Earth life, but as a gentle reminder of who you are and why you are here, and of the presence of all those who support your Earth mission.

Most people are not aware that they have an Earth mission.

There are some who simply reincarnate into human form, without first moving into the higher realms and pausing there to review their last Earth life, let alone to plan their next Earth life—their next set of experiences and opportunities for growth—and to blueprint their Earth mission.

We find that those who ask the question you are asking most assuredly do have an Earth mission, and it is important to realize that this is not the same as what most people call their life purpose.

That generally refers to one’s life work, or overall contribution during their waking hours, throughout their Earth life.

That is an important and treasured aspect of Earth life, and we thank all those who are contributing their gifts and perspective to better life on the planet.

Yet your Earth mission goes far deeper, and extends to a far broader sphere of influence than your conscious work life could ever do. You offer it specifically to assist Earth and Her beings in Ascending to a much higher frequency, thereby creating a whole higher vibrational form of experience.

You volunteered to come in and to assist in ways that your own inner knowledge, as a star being, would greatly benefit Earth and human life.

And for the most part, that is accomplished purely through your vibration, and the work you do while your physical body is asleep at night, as your etheric body travels to numerous places and dimensions.

There are particular vibrational frequencies, and innate gifts and abilities, that those of different intergalactic cultures possess—gifts that those of Earth soul origin are not yet capable of.

Starseeds come in from highly advanced civilizations, and have for millennia used the various forms of energy work and energetic communication that are more familiar to those in the higher realms and to advanced cultures.

Cultures that are advanced to where, for example, technology is often a mix of sentient organic and non-sentient constructed material. Or where people regularly speak telepathically, or by energy transfer, or in Light symbols.

The kind of Unity consciousness required for those forms of communication is not yet something that Earth’s people have fully accepted, yet each day, we see marked progress as you indeed walk that path together.

You inquire as to how to reconcile your understanding of yourself as a Starseed and multidimensional being, with your Love for the Earth, and we would say, do not attempt to do so.

In the advanced civilizations, conundrums and apparently juxtaposing ideas are not considered problems unless they present the kind of intercultural clash that could result in outer conflict, or a breakdown in communication between races of beings.

On a personal level, two ideas or experiences that do not seem to flow well together, and which feel to be in opposition to one another, are lauded as opportunities for growth and new forms of thought.

“Ah, good!” your soul family members are saying now.

“You have opportunity here to be a dual citizen, partaking of both cultures in ways that benefit both you and Earth. We look forward to learning of your experiences upon your return home to us, in full consciousness.”

When they speak of returning home, they refer not to those visits home that you make during your sleep state as you travel etherically, but that time when you cease living Earth lives (if you so choose) and return to life on your own planet or star system.

Until then, a star being’s Earth mission can be many things.

Some work intensively with the crystalline energy grid, connecting human consciousness to the supportive wisdom, higher Love and guidance of the Crystal consciousness—a physical form of living Light—as well as the Light-stream of energies that flow through this Universe, and which your planet is now increasingly in the flow of.

Others work with animals or plant life so that these may develop in consciousness, as well as adapt to Earth energies, and the pressures and toxicities of modern living.

So that rather than become extinct, these species are able to continue their Earth experience (or experiment) and continue to contribute to life here. Others assist their soul families in connecting Earth culture to that of other cultures in the galaxy and beyond, assisting Earth in readying to once again be a part of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds.

This connects to the work of those who are speeding along the path to full disclosure of the ET races.

You have read us comment in other Messages that some of you are present (in your etheric body) in high-ranking Earth meetings of government, military, and intelligence officials, and will at times tap one of them on the shoulder, energetically speaking, to indicate that Now is the time for the truth to be told, nor can they avoid it any longer. And yes, they know you are there.

So our only advices on this issue, dear one, and to all who feel this issue may be relevant to them, is to accept the seeming imbalance of the situation, to allow both a Love for both the Earth and for your own home, without feeling that these are in conflict.

To grasp that you could not be dissuaded from undertaking this great adventure, and in fact considered it an honor to embark upon an Earth life and Earth mission at this time.

We would invite you to quite instinctively draw or paint pictures of your home planet and fellow star beings, if you want to revisit them in your waking hours that way—your nondominant hand may more automatically and more easily be able draw how these look, than the dominant hand.

You may also wish to use toning as a way of reaching a frequency of voice and heart-mind that recalls the presence of your soul family and twin soul, to remind yourself that you have guardians, guides, and loved ones who multi-locate so as to be with you, and that they have never forgotten you nor left you behind.

Allow yourself to remember the plants, the waters, the animals on your home planet who are beloved to you, and to call their spirits to you.

For those in the advanced worlds who have chosen Peace, there can be no separation, for all is Love and all is Unity, and even seeming contradictions are settled peaceably.

It is only for those who are living out the last vestiges of third dimensional life, which is steeped in separatist thought and experience, that anything you truly Love could be “separate” from you.

Know that this is a learned idea, and not who you truly are.

Be of good cheer—you were intuitively chosen for and quite joyfully took on this role, and it will not go on forever.

And then—will you regale listeners by the fire in the evenings, with tales of your adventures and explorations as a stranger in a strange land?

You will, of course! And no one will be able to keep you from it.

Namaste, friends! You are never alone.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post, at

Thank you.

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