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A Special Winter Solstice Message to Lightworkers – December 21, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you again. And so you find yourselves in the midst of a great Turning now! This conjunction of which so many have spoken, of Jupiter and Saturn—two planets whose temperaments and interests seem so different—is indeed an event unlike any other.

It is so that you have crossed a great threshold this year, though outer events may seem to have made things difficult, as if you were losing ground as a race of beings, rather than gaining it.

Yet we are more than pleased to say that this Winter Solstice you witness this year is more than the usual turning of the tide, in terms of where the Earth is in relation to your Sun.

It is a great moment of Awakening for humanity, and a dissolving of barriers between you and movement into higher dimensional living on your planet.

A moment which nearly all of you have contributed to in ongoing ways for many years now.

Whether in the body or traveling etherically out of it, as you do in your sleep state, you have convened with Councils, cooperated with crew members aboard ships, traveled through galaxies far flung from Earth, and worked interdimensionally to establish a new energy pattern.

Decloaking cloud ships over New Mexico Highway

A pattern that would sew into fallow ground the seeds of higher dimensional life on your planet, and you have done it with real integrity and clear focus, motivated by Love for one another and your brave planet.

We say “brave,” because She knew the risks involved in supporting you in these missions.

She has understood the possible pitfalls of following the way of the Light, as you have done. She understood the opposition to establishing Earth as a Light source in your galaxy and your Universe, when others had devised structures which, for thousands of years, denied Her that status.

And now those structures have crumbled, and in their place comes the Lightbody presence of many millions of Light Bringers whose dreams will not be deferred.

Even those who put no real stock in the presence, movements, and alignments of the planets have felt the energies building for days now, even weeks and months, moving Earth into not only a visual of these planets aligned, but into a new era of Peace.

We hear what your hearts are crying out, as they ask, “Will there still be a struggle? Will we remain imprisoned in the sense of so many held in places of oppression and poverty, hunger and lack? “Will it be soon, that we become sovereign and free?”

And of course, having been raised in the last dark depths of the third dimension, you must ask these questions with some concern, and no one could judge you for such.

We will only say, Watch your own shifting thoughts, inner indicators, and realizations over these next few weeks and months.

Watch that which you once thought unsolvable, un-healable, or lost whether it be Love, Abundance, Health, or Inspiration you seek—and see how new realizations, ideas, invention, breakthrough moments of new insight, increasingly come to you now.

Note your own life energies—that they feel Lighter, even in the midst of healing a trauma from a thousand lifetimes ago, as well as this one.

Note the life energies of so many others as they work to make sense of some loss, yet find a way to encourage or compliment another, be kind for no reason, or to give Thanks, though they have never had less to their name.

Go inward and ask your own higher self if he or she recognizes you from who you were even just a year or a month ago, and feel or hear them say, with a smile, “No.”

Watch your own inner dreams, your own vision for your life as you stop making space between that which you desire to have or be or experience, and allow the insights and energy evolvements necessary for you to walk into that reality naturally now.

The Waterboys – “The Whole of the Moon”

You will know it is so, because you will feel yourself resonating with that new reality even before you see evidence of it around you.

“Can that be?” you may ask. “Could I have evolved beyond needing to see a thing appear before calling it real, before announcing that this is my life now?”

Yes, it is so, that this special time of the shortest day and the longest night is also a kind of Turning from that which you knew is not your true self, to that which is your authentic, empowered, intergalactic self.

And long may you know him or her, this delightful, wise, inherently loving and patient soul whose only interest is to know the Joy of being alive at every moment, and to encourage the same in others—all that lives and breathes and grows upon your planet?

Even the rocks in their ages-old Wisdom are humming at a higher vibration now, joining you, and the streams, rivers, the seas and the winds, in singing a far more inspired song.

There is a song of the journey now finishing, and another of the journey just begun.

We send our Love and admiration, dear ones, for you are not yet fully aware of all you have done. Yet in that moment when you are shown the energetic realities of the lives you have lived till now, and see the ripples extending outward of the Love and courage you have sewn into the soil in this and so many other lives, you will understand.

When we speak to you in your dreams, we remind you of glorious images of unending beauty in a higher dimensional Earth, as well as the beauty of the higher realms, and of your own strong spirits.

We offer a living water to the parched consciousness of that which you carry within you, by offering you the particular sound and color frequencies that signal the integration of your higher self into your Earth body and Earth consciousness.

Photo by Harry van Grieken

Increasingly now, you are become the unefforted aspect of your own Spirit that seeks to flow easily throughout the Universe, connecting beings of all races in a beautiful symbiotic connection and flow of intentions and expressions, cultures, languages, histories, and traditions.

“How can we become aware of all who live in the galaxy, and establish Peace with them, when we have not yet established it amongst ourselves?” you are asking.

We would say that, by far, the vast majority of your race do desire Peace—a complete and unending Peace that will not fade from view or be duped into complacency.

You desire this just as you desire that all be granted the dignity of the kind of Abundance that is positive and fulfilling, and that grants growth, healing, support, and renewal to all persons.

You have collectively chosen this, and it cannot be taken from you.

And so whether or not you are where you are able to see the Lights in the sky that signal the conjunction of these two apparently different planets, know that their energies are being interwoven in ways that are awakening even those who had thought they preferred to be asleep.

And that the very gates of higher existence open to you now, and will not close again.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

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