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"Wondrous Ascension Ride 2022

The Light at the End of the Tunnel"

Free Online Retreat
Available Here
May 22 - 31, 2022

Channeled guidance and energy work from the Collective and

other leading edge spiritual teachers and intuitives,
on Lightworker
 challenges and the current energies

Special Offer

Option One - $97
[Value: $131]

A 30-Minute Session with the Collective

Plus their most recent book, the popular New Earth Journeys [PDF format]

And their Guided Meditation "Releasing Unconscious Abundance Blocks" 

For more information on how channeling sessions work, and possible questions to ask, go here




Option Two - $137
[Value: $201]

A 45-Minute Session with the Collective

Plus their much-loved books Abundance For All and New Earth Journeys [PDF format] 


And their Guided Meditations "Releasing Unconscious Abundance Blocks" and "Soul Contact - Speaking with Your Twin Flame" 

For more information on how 
channeling sessions work, and possible questions to ask, go here.



Excerpt from New Earth Journeys
Chapter 5 - "On Staying in Love, Joy, and Wonder"

Know that the impulse to weigh and measure where you are spiritually is part of the old order.

You will notice a far lighter feeling in your own mind and heart-space, as you release judgment of “how I’m doing” as far as how pure and loving your heart-mind and general mood are at any one time.

Release that habit! Whenever it comes up, smile at it. Go beyond it . . .

Many struggle now, yet have their eye on a brighter day, dawning deep within them. And so we would ask, Who are you in your most brilliant moments?

Those moments when you help a stranger who is struggling in some way, and see the look of relief on their face. 


The times when you sit with a loved one who is struggling, and note the purity and nobility of their path, holding that energy in your heart as they spill out how sad and confused they feel.

In those moments you are not rushing to remedy the situation, but simply listening, and making room for their own inner Wisdom to come forward. A great gift to them!


Who are you in those moments when you laugh joyfully at a comic, or a friend’s humor (or your own)? 

Who are you when you gaze at the night sky and smile and greet your soul family who are in the ships, to tell them you love them, and will see them soon? 

You are, in those moments, your true self—your Angelic aspect, who never seeks to define itself by ego.

Basking in the pure Light of Divine Love, you would only think to give Thanks and Appreciation that the path is never-ending . . . 

- The Collective, New Earth Journeys

Image by Zoë Reeve
Image by maskedemann
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