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Go into the higher planes and merge with the power, beauty, Love, and Light that is your soul.

Speak with the soul of your mother or maternal caregiver, as the Collective and your Spirit team flow empowering energies to support you in blessing and releasing your mother to her higher good, while you heal any remaining loss, pain, or misunderstanding between you.

Connect on a heart level, and understand the soul agreement that has existed between you.

Resolve old issues on an energy level, and experience compassion and understanding for the roles you have played in each other's Earth life.

Bless and allow your mother's path of soul growth, as well as your own, as you complete the soul contract with your mother for all time, and you move into greater states of Peace and release regarding this and all mothers you have had in any Earth life.

Music (“Emotional Flow Into Oneness”) by Thaddeus, channeled by Sanaya Roman of Used by permission.

Forgiving, Blessing, and Releasing Your Mother
Length: 20 minutes
Guided Meditation – MP3 Download: $11

Forgiving, Blessing, and Releasing Your Mother

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