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Acclimating to 5D - Becoming Your New Earth SelfThe Collective - Caroline Oceana Ryan, channeler
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Excerpt from Messages from the Spirits of Abundance
Chapter 9 - On Moving from Surviving to Thriving”

A Light Bringer asks:

How do I move from a survival-based persona to one that thrives, and finds happiness—or at least peace?

Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity, and Fortuna, goddess of fortune and Abundance, answer:

This is one of the great conundrums of your world.

For you have received much false teaching over thousands of years and many Earth lives.

These would have you either fear money or stand back from receiving it easily, whether due to feelings of unworthiness, a lack consciousness, or a distaste for money in general.

All of these have less to do with Money itself, and far more to do with the plan to permanently disempower humanity, which we will speak of in a moment.

Varying forms of fulfillment are required in order for a person to truly thrive. Yet we shall speak of money first, as having enough money to no longer struggle financially feels to be a part of your question.

First, understand that in order to thrive, even when circumstances appear grim, you need only be thankful for your place in life.

Thankful for any good thing you can find, or thankful for no reason at all!

That offers a great moment of healing, and release from the many false teachings about Abundance, and about Life


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Thankfulness, and a genuine feeling of appreciation and acceptance for any situation, also offers a kind of empowerment that relatively few, particularly in the wealthier parts of the world, will allow themselves.

You are too used to never feeling satisfied.

Much of the western world lives in a state of constant restlessness, impatience, and dissatisfaction.

So that when something difficult occurs, you are all the more disturbed by it.

You speak of changing your persona, and finding happiness, or at least Peace.

Yet we can tell you that happiness will not come without Peace, and that Peace is so powerful to hold in one’s being, that happiness will either naturally follow, or feel to be already present.

To resonate with the feeling and inner knowing that All Is Well, is to move beyond the temporary state that most associate with happiness.

Though happiness is a life-affirming, positive place for the mind and heart, most people feel it is dependent upon outer circumstances consistently lining up as they prefer.

Suddenly placed in an outer situation that is not so positive, that happiness they had claimed an hour ago now feels to have moved further away. In times of genuine loss, anger, grief, or aimless wandering, it can feel to be nearly unreachable.

Let us look at the seed of the survival-based persona—at the feelings of unsureness about the money, positive connections, good health, and positive opportunities that most equate with thriving.

For some, it would mean having the financial income to ensure that all bills are paid quickly and easily, and that all necessary items, as well as a few that were simply for fun or comfort, were likewise easily obtained.


It would mean experiencing good health in a steady way. And happy connections with loved ones, as well as fulfilling work.


And the right balance between quiet time on one’s own, and enjoyable times with others.


But our questioner speaks of more than that—of having Peace of mind and heart—a positive life energy that carries one above circumstance to a place of centered calm, whatever may be happening outwardly.


Beyond that, it would also mean a conscious path of inner growth, a connection to one’s higher self and the Universe in ways that bring a love of life and a deep feeling of purpose.


All of this based on knowing that you are loved.


For others, these things would be happily accepted, yet never be enough. Their tastes, interests, and social connections would require them to go well beyond the basics of a solid financial basis and enjoyable work.


Even beyond feeling loved and being in good health.


They would also need to feel they were “impressive,” not only to themselves but to others, and to continue that role for as long as possible.


At the other end of the spectrum are those who simply desire to be free.


To have their basic needs met, and the ability to travel, study, or volunteer as they desire, with few possessions to weigh them down in life, beyond the essentials.


Still others have little to no interest in thriving.


They are more at home with feeling angry, depressed, or victimized by life.


Without those roles to play, and the ongoing complaints and low self-esteem they suffer daily, they would hardly know themselves.


We judge none of this. However a person wishes to live their life is entirely up to them.


Yet we grieve that it is only the minority of human beings who are consistently making conscious choices, and viewing themselves as the creators of their own life.

Most are simply answering to the reflexive, automatic demands of their subconscious heart-mind.

The human subconscious has been powerfully manipulated and controlled for many centuries—in modern times, chiefly by the modern media.

Yet for thousands of years before that, equally strict training from religion, patriarchal family and social structures, governments, and both formal and informal education, sought to control human consciousness.

The old “matrix” of etheric technology surrounding the planet so as to control human thought and behavior was long a source of lower vibrational experience.

Its effects are waning now, increasingly losing their power.

One’s lineage is also a powerful influence—more powerful than most will realize.


Families have often followed the same pattern of loss or gain regarding money, health, Love, and other basics of human life, for centuries.


It is not unusual to have within one’s DNA a form of dark training or orientation that amounts to a curse upon any of these areas in life.


Actual curses put upon a person and their descendants, as well as oaths taken by them, including old religious, spiritual, marital, or personal vows and commitments, can also powerfully affect the quality of one’s experience in any area of life that these decrees pertain to.

Few understand this. Full of modern phrases about “releasing dense beliefs,” they are convinced that by using affirmations daily and thinking positively, their life will move ahead with ease.

And indeed, these methods can be very helpful, and we do not discourage anyone from using them, for they hold their own “magic,” one might say—they direct your focus, intent, and expectations to what you fully desire, and the Universe responds.


Yet there is more to the story, dear ones. You are only just now beginning to realize, on a more conscious level, how deep the human psyche reaches, and how far . . .



Copyright 2023, Caroline Oceana Ryan 


from Messages from the Spirits of Abundance: Channeled Guidance from the Spirits of Prosperity and True Wealth


Ascension Times Publishing – All rights reserved.

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