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The Spirit of Abundance Speaks

Channeled Messages from the Spirits of Money, Gold, and True Wealth

Name, Title

The _______ book in the Collective’s Fifth Dimensional Life series, each chapter in The Spirit of Abundance Speaks begins with a question from a Lightworker on the subject of ___________.

The Collective’s thoughtful answers address each issue thoroughly.

Their guidance also connects us to our life purpose, and helps us to view the events of our lives from a much higher perspective.

With loving encouragement, this group of higher beings offer empowering energies and practical wisdom on areas such as:

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This is the higher guidance so needed now, full of the magic and healing Light of the higher realms, delivered in down-to-Earth terms . . .


Open to the power of your soul, and the intuitive knowing of your higher self

Praise for The Spirit of Abundance Speaks . . . 

"Very powerful insights on the hard questions of life and spirituality.
The level of spirituality embodied in the channeling of the Collective is profound, and from a very high level, while being understandable and having many applications in our lives."

David Barnett, Healer/Intuitive, and Host of BlogTalkRadio show Dave the Mystic

The Spirit of Abundance Speaks

From Chapter _
“On _______”

QUESTION: jkjkjkjkjj

THE COLLECTIVE: We would say, that it is important to remember that klklklklk . . . .

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The Spirit of Abundance Speaks

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