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In these challenging yet Light-filled times . . .

Ascension energies are pouring onto the planet, spurring on change

at an unprecedented rate in our heart-minds, bodies, and spirits.

The Abundance Group is here to help us gracefully travel

those shifts through greater self-empowerment.

We do that by using energy processes, Abundance practices,

and by receiving active support from the Collective and our Spirit teams.

Not only to manifest certain situations and breakthroughs,

but to celebrate our authentic selves, and our own co-Creative power.

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It's Time to Dissolve the Old Blockages . . . 

Many spiritually aware people have lived Earth lives in which they denied and negated themselves, their abilities, and many forms of Abundance.

Layers of trauma, ancestral beliefs, sworn vows and commitments, etheric implants, family and cultural training, religious programming, fears due to abuse or wrong teaching—all of this piles up in the subconscious.

As we work to feel better about life,

gigantic energy blocks can suddenly appear.

Blocks that affirmations, therapy, and money management methods, though helpful, can never completely dissolve.

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Time to Reclaim Our Mastery 

The Abundance Calls dive into all this, dissolving the blocks and making way for positive co-Creations.

The response to the calls and other TAG benefits has been tremendous. Many people have said how much they’ve been helped and inspired by the Collective's wise insights and energy work.

All Abundance Group conference calls, activations, meditations, and videos concentrate on healing those areas that Light Bearers, when surveyed, have identified as their biggest Abundance blocks.

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 Now is the time to:

Feel worthy and deserving of Abundance

Discover your life work and perfect income for you

Enjoy freedom from debt, while creating fulfilling relationships, jobs, homes, good health and relationships, and Abundant incomes

Receive positive support for your dreams and visions from others

Find the Abundance methods that work for you—communicating effectively with Money and appreciating it, even when in-flow is slower or expenses are higher​

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The Abundance Group Calls

Our beautiful, heart-based community meets for a 60-minute

live Zoom meeting led by the Collective on

The 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month
​Free and Open to All
Next Abundance Meeting: Wednesday, December 8, 2021
5:45 PM Pacific / 8:45 PM Eastern

Use the Sign-Up Form Below to Receive Emails Before
Each Call with the Link to our Zoom Meeting!

(And phone numbers, for those who prefer to call in)

Abundance Group Gold & Silver Membership offerings are currently being restructured 

More information on new and extended benefits coming soon!

What people are saying about Abundance Group Membership . . . 

"For me, the Abundance Group has been a life saver in some ways.

I always feel so much better after [each Call]. The Collective do a meditation and some work on us, which is always great.

Everyone [who is a Gold Member] gets to ask a free question every month, and I always enjoy listening to the questions and answers. 

Most of the time the answers can apply to us all, being that we are all going through similar things.

Also, every 6 months or so, every [Gold Member] gets a [channeling session] reading.

The Call has helped me to understand how you can live an abundant life. It's a very positive atmosphere."

Shareen, Abundance Group Gold Member, California

So if you’re ready to take your journey to the next level . . .

Abundance Group Membership may be for you.

Being a subscribing members of the Abundance Group is about shifting your life energy to where you

expand into your highest dreams and your empowered, co-Creative self—your higher self.

It's a mix of shifting your perspective regarding what you are willing to both Give and Receive, lifting the ceiling on what you consider to be possible for you, and learning practical Abundance methods you can use easily.

It’s also about honoring yourself enough to expect and allow that.

So when you’re ready to take your Abundance vibration to a whole higher level—and willing to do

the processes that that kind of growth and healing require, even if only for 10 minutes a day . . .

- Best Value -

GOLD Membership

[Program currently undergoing restructure --
New Gold Membership available again

in January 2022]

Ideal for extensive energy work

and practical prosperity methods


SILVER Membership

[Program currently undergoing restructure --
New Silver Membership available again

in January 2022]


Ideal for beginning your Abundance journey